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Reasons to avoid buying the genie bra

June 21, 2011

Note: This is just a joke from me, I actually really like the genie bra, I just decided to write a funny negative style review about it. I got bored of regular genie bra reviews; it gets tiring writing about this topic!

genie bra on stand

If you have been familiar with the latest infomercial products, there is one called the genie bra which is getting excellent customer reviews online. You might want to avoid this genie bra if you are one of the following people: you do not want to increase the size of your bust and look better in your shirt, you do not want to wear one of the most comfortable bras around, and you do not want to pay an inexpensive fee for a pack of 6 fully featured bras. I am confident that if you do not buy the genie bra you will avoid all of these things.

Firstly if you want to save yourself from looking better in your shirt I highly recommend avoiding the genie bra. The genie bra might improve your bust size slighty. It might make your breasts look more round and full. Furthermore you might get more attention from the guys. This might not be good if you really are trying to avoid all these things. The genie bra has a full ribbed support at the bottom which means it might uplift your breasts slighty. This could cause a younger look.

Secondly if you do not want to be comfortable in your bra I highly recommend staying clear from the genie bra. The genie bra is made of very precise high-thread count fabric and it is very comfortable on the skin. If this pisses you off then don’t buy it. Instead I recommend buying some used dirty bras from your local thrift store. Just stay clear of the genie bra. The genie bra might cause you to be upset. If you do not want your cat to rub up against your boobs I highly recommend getting a differnet pair of bras.

Other than that if you don’t want some inexpensive bras then get the hell away. I highly recommend going online and buying some expensive ass bras so you can brag about how rich your titties are. If your breasts are greedy and money hungry then stay away from the genie bra. Go find the latest guiness book of recrds and find some bras with diamond lacing or something. Just put down the phone! Maybe you should ask Kobe Briant what kind of bras he gets for his wife. Those are probably better for you.

Yeah, so if you really hate yourself than you shouldn’t get the genie bra. If you have any depressive tendencies just avoid the genie bra. If you like to look like a retard then stay away from ordering the genie bra. If you aren’t one of those people then possibly the genie bra is right for you. You can visit my site at the bottom and maybe pick up a pair if you want. But if you’re one of those people above then stay away.

There’s more information about the genie bra at my other blog, however, if you really want to get more details, and do decide to buy, than I highly recommend checking out this other site because they have the best posts there.


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